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3 Minimalist Practices to Live Tiny With Simplicity

One of the most challenging aspects of beginning the tiny life journey can be the shift over to incorporating minimalist principles and the act of purging our possessions down to the bare essentials and our most favorite and treasured items.

But once we’ve gone through pairing down all of our possessions and moved

into our tiny homes, how do we continue incorporating those minimalist principles and habits in other areas of our daily lives? What does it mean to live simply with the help of the concepts of minimalism?

If this struggle sounds familiar to you, read on to find out about our three favorite minimalist principles for creating and implementing intentional simplicity in your tiny life journey.

1. Practice Mono-tasking

Somehow, even with less stuff, we have the awful habit of filling our brains and to-do lists to the brim with everything under the sun that we think needs to be accomplished right this second.

We are trained to produce, produce, produce, and are told that multi-tasking is the only way to be effective and efficient. However, studies show that working this way is not natural and that our brains were not designed to focus on multiple tasks at the same time.

Mono-tasking is the practice of focusing on one task at a time to either it’s completion or to a good stopping point where some progress has been made. And the best way to incorporate this practice is by minimizing the tasks on your daily to-do list.

Overbooking and filling each moment of your day with tasks to check off the list is a surefire way to create overwhelm and unnecessary stress that complicates your day to day life. The very opposite of what simplicity and minimalism is about.

So cut your to-do list in half and enjoy the simplicity that it creates in your day. You’ll feel accomplished with each task you carry to completion and be even more energized while completing the rest of your daily tasks.

2. Make Moments That Matter

This speaks to the minimalist principle of intentional simplification. Specifically being purposeful in the ways that we choose to spend our time.

Being purposeful in our relationships for example. Choose face to face interactions rather than engaging mostly through screens. Choose to take a different path than your usual route to see if you can discover something new. Take moments to reflect with intention on the parts of your life and day that mean something to you and choose to keep your focus toward those types of moments and interactions.

Minimalism is very much about improving your day to day experience through simplification. This practice of mindful intentionality towards our time and interactions is one of our favorite go-to minimalist practices to engage in daily.

3. Routines Create Rhythm For Your Day

This practice speaks to creating simplicity every day by establishing a set routine that we engage in at different points in our day.

Just as we like to plan our days in ways that allow us to feel secure in the knowledge of what will come next, knowing that we have a set routine and ritual to rely on every day, whether that be a morning walk before our first cup of coffee,, or an hour to ourselves before bed to journal about our day, simple routines and rituals help to ground us throughout the day. Helping us to know that at these points in the day we will have the time to reset and reflect or simply enjoy a break in the pace of life.

Clear routines provide a rhythm to our day that allows for us to focus attention on the things we need to get done because we know these moments will always be there to return to. We will always get the time to reset and reflect no matter how hectic or frenzied our day becomes.

Simplifying our lives through minimalism, especially through your tiny life journey, can be an incredibly rewarding experience. These three of our favorite minimalist practices can help ensure that your choice to live tiny helps you to create a life free of unnecessary complication and stress. We hope that the choice to simplify your life through minimalism is as rewarding for you as it has been for all of us!

Let us know how these tips help you along on your tiny life journey! Send us an email, tag @tinyhometours in your IG stories, or comment below to let us know how these tips help and what you’d like to see more of on the blog!


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