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A Disney Bus for Family of Five

Jenn, Kyle, their three children, and six dogs are living their best life traveling full time in their tiny home on wheels they have dubbed Blue Betty. Betty is a 40-foot 1983 Eagle Model 10 that was a charter bus for Trailways in her first life, a tour bus for gospel singers in her second, and a cozy home for this family in her third!

This family fell in love with the freedom lifestyle after experiencing a taste of it as weekend warriors. They decided to go all in and purchase an RV suitable for full-time road life, packed up all their things, sold their home, and took to the road.

Watch the Tiny Home Tour here:

Decor Makes a Place Feel Like Home

Jenn has eclectic taste, as evidenced by the grass-covered front door and headboard in their bedroom, the pictorial cow decor in the bathroom, and the Disney theme throughout! She loves white and gold, and the majority of the bus boasts this colorful mix.

The entire Bethune family is Disney-crazed! The Disney theme is a constant throughout the bus, from the Disney fridge stickers, the Disney-themed Ruggable, right down to the fun and unique Mickey salt and pepper shakers with gold ears that are decorative as well as functional.

The gorgeous kitchen in the bus has white countertops and cabinets with gold accents, a beautiful gold sink and faucet, a grab-and-go dining bar, and a tuckaway cooktop and air fryer that make cooking a breeze!! The couch was an Amazon find that fit exactly the dimension she needed.

The colorful bathroom has deep blues, bright greens, and a painting of two cows, as mentioned above. Jenn’s bathroom must-haves were a flushing toilet and an outlet for her blow dryer and curling iron. The separate shower is functional and was spruced up with some white paint.

Children Need Their Own Space in a Tiny

The children have their own unique sleeping spaces in a three-tiered bunk system. These are decorated with each child’s personality in mind. A wood facer keeps them tucked safely in bed and provides a little contrast to all the white and gold decor.

The office space in the bus is multi-purpose– it functions as a classroom, office area, a Fortnite game room, and a workspace to edit videos.

Jenn did some serious downsizing, going from 144 pairs of shoes to 38 and 104 pairs of Disney ears to 30; the rest are in storage. The couple’s closet space holds mostly Jenn’s clothing, jewelry, and a custom dog kennel that fits all six dogs comfortably. The kennel even has an AC vent!

Family Time and Space is Essential

The bedroom has a king-size bed perfect for loading up all the kids and dogs for family movie nights or snuggling. It also houses Jenn’s makeup station and provides lots of storage tucked under the bed.

All in all, the Bethune family is overjoyed with their decision to take to the road and live this beautiful, fulfilling life. The kids have had opportunities that most don’t get to experience and the family has grown so much closer. Jenn and Kyle wouldn’t change a thing and plan to continue this exciting and rewarding lifestyle indefinitely.

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