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Building a Tiny House with Dad at 22 years old

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Ally sits down with Amanda to discuss her tiny house building journey! Amanda decided to build her own tiny house from scratch with the help of her dad over the past year. She tells us how the process has been going and her plans for the future.

“With working just weekends…and sometimes just weekend afternoons because I work weekends, it’s been kinda hard. I think it took us a couple of months just to get the wood framing up.”

What Ally and Amanda Chat About:

  • Deciding to build her own tiny house, learning from her dad

  • Starting out: buying a trailer

  • Wood framing vs. steel framing, lumber prices

  • Finding furniture and appliances that fit inside her tiny

  • Deciding between electric or propane appliances

  • Challenges she has faced during the building process so far

  • Rental plans, moving with her tiny house

  • Picking siding

  • Budget for building her tiny house, how she is paying for it

  • What she has learned so far

  • Where she is building the house, where she plans to park it

  • Building and move in timeline

“I like to travel a lot…so three months out of the year, I want to be somewhere tropical in the wintertime, so I plan on either subleasing out the tiny house while I’m traveling or Airbnb-ing it.”

To follow along with Amanda's travels and her tiny house build, check her out on Instagram: Instagram:


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