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A Man, a Van, and a Dog: Self-Actualization in a Tiny Home on Wheels

Elliot lives the good life while traveling with his corgi in their converted Ram ProMaster 2500 campervan that he loves! His DIY build is such a clean, simple concept with white laminate counters, walnut trim, and sage green accents. Elliot used laminate because it is so much easier to clean than paint. Just wipe it down and, voila, good as new.

Elliot’s Dometic 95 CFX fridge/freezer has plenty of room for what he needs and has a foot lock to keep it secure. Another hack he has used to keep things secure while driving is using magnetic baby locks, he even personalized them as part of his build.

Unique Features Can Make Tiny Homes More Efficient

Elliot’s kitchen has huge white farmhouse sink with flip up cutting board for extra counter space and an aerator called the Altered Nozzle that helps save water! His storage includes gorgeous hand-crafted resin-art cabinet doors and a microwave/convection oven tucked away in a cubby under the counter.

Elliot has a custom lighting system with LED lights under wooden tracks that give the van a distinguished feel. He is a photographer and shoots indoors, so he needs the dependable lighting.

“I love the build process, I’ve always loved making things…I have met so many incredible people!”

With the Right Design, Work on the Road Can be Even More Productive than in an Office

His self-designed Murphy bed allows him to have nine-feet of counter space opposite the foldaway bed, as well as opening up the area for an office. He ingeniously designed his workspace to be free of windows to eliminate distractions, as well as pull his focus up through the gorgeous 2 x 3 ft. skylight!

He has more than enough power to run his computer and camera equipment with an electrical system that he custom designed from two batteries salvaged from a Tesla Model S.

Vanlife is for Everyone, Even the Ones Who Love Spending Time Inside

One of the most eye opening things he discovered while living this tiny lifestyle was that, "Not everyone spends 24/7 outdoors like the influencers make you think they do and that was very, very refreshing as someone who genuinely likes to hang out inside!”

Technology Makes Living This Freedom Lifestyle Fun!

And finally, WOW, just WOW!! Elliot unlocks his van with an RFID chip in his hand! He scans his hand under the mirror and the doors unlock. He shares that “vanlife is exactly what you want it to be … vanlife is honestly one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done because there are so many things you can do with it!” All are accepted by those living vanlife, even self-proclaimed nerds like him.

You can see Elliot’s complete tour below:

Follow his adventures on Instagram and YouTube.

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