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Couple Living Vanlife Shares Insights and Opportunity Through Tiny Home on Wheels University

Nikki and Emmaus work and travel in their van they have dubbed Carmen VanDiego built by Off Grid Adventure Vans! The couple got out of the 9-to-5 grind about eight years ago and support themselves in a lot of different ways. They have started a university called “Freedom University” and Emmaus has even written a book titled, Melt the Ice. The couple is teaching people to make money in non-traditional ways! Nikki’s focus has been on income generated from Airbnb’s and Emmaus focuses on eCommerce. Together they pull in more than six-figures yearly and live a beautiful life on the road!

Nomadic Lifestyles Can Generate Tons of Income

Their tiny home on wheels is equipped with a propane two burner stove, adjustable sink with pull out faucet, and a 40-gallon freshwater tank with filter. She enlisted the aid of her family to help DIY the magnetic spice rack that is attached to the door of their Dometic fridge. They have tons of cabinet space and incorporated a cool cutting board they received as a wedding gift into their decor!

The kitchen drawers were covered with textured paper and painted white. The green tile that makes the kitchen space interesting is carried on into the bathroom shower area, giving a beautiful pop of color next to all the white in the rest of the van. Their bathroom features a composting toilet and spa-like atmosphere, right down to the candle in the soap holder!

They have tons of people reaching out to them asking questions about their experiences.

“If you see somebody else doing it, you’re like oh, I can do it, too! The number one thing people ask us is . . . black people do that?”

Sharing Knowledge and the Love of Travel with Others Increases Personal Satisfaction

In their living space, a statue named Bob does double duty as a coffee table and they have a 72-inch pull down screen for their projector. Throw pillows are used as spaces for extra storage, they hold coats and other bulky items and there is also storage under both couches that convert to their bed. Even their 50 pairs of shoes have a home in a neat little nook up high and out of the way above the cab of the van. Outside the van, they have DIY’d a little home gym from a pull up bar and they have clips for their ladder to convert it to a bike rack!

All in all, Nikki and Emmaus have managed to craft a life on the road that any fellow nomad would love to live. They have income streams that support their lifestyle and are sharing the wealth by teaching others tips and tricks for doing the same. Vanlife has been great to them and they are excited to continue their travels indefinitely!

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