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Custom Designed Texas Tiny House

Sydne, an interior designer, lives in her tiny house in the Fort Worth, TX area. Sydne designed the home herself and had it professionally built! Although she loves it now, she shares, “I’m an interior designer, this was the most challenging thing that I’ve ever designed!” Sydne’s tiny home on wheels was built by Nook Tiny Homes. It can sometimes be difficult to find a place to park a tiny home, so Sydne stresses before committing to this type of project, do your research.

Repurposing Items Increases Space While Lowering Expenses

Synde took the practical route and designed a lot of her home around what she already had in her one bedroom apartment. Her couch has storage and can pull out into a queen size bed for company and the ottoman she brought along also has storage. She even designed into her decor a spectacular art piece that she loves!

Sydne’s entryway houses her washer/dryer and a large multipurpose wood countertop.The rooms in this tiny home are separated by wood slats that keep things separated, but open. A swivel table mounted by the couch is height adjustable and used for so many things including eating, cooking, prepping, and working! Living a comfortable tiny home lifestyle, the more multi-purposing a person can be, the more satisfying this life can be.

Listen to Sydne on our podcast!

Minimalism Made Easy: If You Don’t Use It, Lose It!

Sydne made the decision to go tiny because she looked around her one bedroom apartment and concluded that she didn’t need or use all of the space. There were many unused spaces in her living quarters that she felt she could live without. Downsizing was easy for her, if she hadn’t used it in the last six months, she purged it. She enjoys the minimalist lifestyle and being as efficient as possible with the space that she has.

The ‘Vibe’ of a Tiny Home is Important

Sydne’s kitchen was designed with plentiful storage. The clean lines and open wood shelving give it a spacious feel. She has a small fridge, small dishwasher, a nice sized pantry, and everything is within reach! She also has a cooktop that she tucks away for more counter space. The bathroom space flows naturally from the kitchen and the clean, white lines blend together beautifully. Sydne demonstrates how design can make great use of vertical space! The large shower has a zen feel, with wood lines and calming colors to keep the positive vibes going! Sidney’s sleeping loft has a queen-size bed and a gorgeous skylight that makes the room feel airy and light! Step storage leading to the loft is also a plus.

All in all, Sydne is ecstatic that she decided to move forward with her project and she loves everything about her tiny home lifestyle.

Watch Sydne's tiny home tour to see more of this amazing custom designed space:

If you’d like more information, you can read more about Sydne @sydnegold7 on Instagram.

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