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Downsizing to a Forever Tiny Home on Wheels

Brad and Stefanie Wilmert are living and experiencing road life in their beautiful tiny home on wheels crafted by Timbercraft Tiny Homes. The whole process of planning and having their dream home built was made painless by Timbercraft and the couple were able to choose so many of the details that they couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.

“It was a big process to go, it took us about 2 years mentally of preparing for this!”

There are so many amenities that one can hardly tell this is a tiny home. The kitchen features a large farmhouse sink, a nice two-burner cooktop, beautiful butcher block countertops that Stefanie was able to choose herself, and a combo microwave/oven picked to save space.

Having Significant Input Into Your Build Increases Satisfaction

Brad and Stefanie have a full-size refrigerator with a bottom freezer, drawer storage for pots and pans, and a nice size pantry. The multiple kitchen windows really make the space feel bigger and more open.

In the couple's living space, their large electric fireplace is beautiful and functional. They love sitting in front of the fireplace and it keeps the home cozy enough that they don’t even have to turn on the heat in their bedroom most of the time.

They have a large loft used for storage with a ladder that tucks away against the wall when not in use. Stefanie also uses her loft as a home office when she works from home. On the other end of the tiny home, the steps leading to their bedroom have deep storage and are so handy!!!

Their bedroom has amazing natural lighting that makes it cozy while still feeling open. The windows allow cross breezes they can enjoy lying in bed! Stefanie’s bedroom must-haves were a bed that was not on the floor and the ability to stand upright to make the bed. The couple loves their full closet and night tables for their bedroom items.

Tiny Living Involves Compromising

The large bathroom has an incinerator toilet and a custom shower. They gave up some closet space so that they could have a separate stackable washer/dryer as opposed to a combo. Tiny homes are all about compromises!

Outside storage holds their propane, as well as the outside unit for the mini-split and their on-demand hot water heater. The circuit breaker box is the same as one would have in a regular home and is also stored outside. Brad uses hand-cranked jacks so they don’t get stranded anywhere.

In summary, tiny home living makes sense as a retirement plan:

“This is the home we are going to live in forever! And when we get to the point where we can no longer pull it…we’ll find some land!”

Brad and Stefanie haven’t decided upon where they want to put down roots yet, they’re still trying it all out; the beach, the mountains, the desert, and different states! The world is their oyster!

To see the full tour:

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