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Exploring the Legalities and Realities of #Vanlife

In today's episode...

Tiny Home Tours founder Chris Penn sits down to chat with Anthropologist Dr. Graham Pruss. Dr. Pruss is a co-founder of the National Vehicle Residency Collective and has been working with folks who live in their vehicles for the past decade. The two discuss the legalities of vehicle dwelling, as well as the stigma many face while living in homes on wheels.

“The moment that people are getting out into an area like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, they’re with other people who are able to say, ‘I love your home, let me see your home’ and that whole sort of stigma of homelessness is able to dissipate.”

Chris & Dr. Pruss discuss:

  • How society views living in your vehicle

  • The changing legalities of vehicle residency

  • Living in cities vs. public lands as a vehicle dweller

  • What separates various types of nomads?

  • Do the police need a warrant to search your home on wheels?

  • Nomadism and human history

To learn more about Dr. Pruss and the work he does with the National Vehicle Residency Collective visit: or email Dr. Pruss directly at Click below to watch recordings from the first National Vehicle Residency Collective Summit!

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