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From Tiny Home to Barndominium with Kathryn Bell

In today's episode...

Ally sits down with Kathryn Bell who bought her first tiny home in 2016. Since then, Kat has built her own tiny cottage and is currently in the process of building a much larger barndominium! Listen along as Kat shares her journey to tiny living, how she went from tiny home to cottage to barndominium, and how it is to parenting while living tiny!

"If you’re okay to be a little more primitive the world opens up in a whole new way."

Ally & Kat discuss:

  • Kat's journey to tiny living

  • Traveling with an RVIA certifications

  • Challenges of going tiny

  • Motherhood and tiny living

  • How Kat has made tiny living work financially

  • Building a barndominium

Follow Kat's journey on Instagram @kat_victoria!

To learn more about Titan Tiny Homes (the company that built Kat's first home) visit:

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