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Hiring Videographers in Australia

Tiny Home Tours is looking to expand our YouTube channel and showcase amazing people and tiny spaces across Australia! We are hiring talented, location-independent videographers to film videos of tiny houses, vans, bus conversions, and more. See requirements and sample work below.

Tiny Home Tours Videographer Requirements

  • Mirrorless Camera: Sony, Lumix, Canon, capable of 1080 60p

  • Wide angle lens: Canon 16-35, Sigma 14-24, Tamron 17-35

  • Wireless Lavalier with wind fuzzy: Rode Wireless GO or Sennheiser XSW-D

  • Tripod

  • If you’re flying a drone you will need your drone pilot license. In Australia under CASA regulations, a Remote Pilot License (RPL) is needed to operate Drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) above 2kg commercially.

  • At least a year of video experience or a solid understanding of the fundamentals

  • USD $200 per tour filmed, no editing required. If you want to edit your own tours, we will get you in contact with our head editor and additional compensation will be provided.

  • We will find the tours for you! But if you happen to find a rig you like, we require a photo or instagram handle to approve it before filming.

Sample Tiny Home Tours

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