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How to Leave your 9-5 for the Freedom Lifestyle

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Ally sits down with Ana and Tomer to learn how they help aspiring digital nomads pursue their career goals and reach financial freedom. As corporate escapees, they have a unique perspective and ability to help entrepreneurs leave their 9-5 and seek happier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

“The first thing is to really think about, what are your dreams, what are your passions, what are the things that pull you forward, and what are the things that you would be really happy to do?”

What Ana, Tomer, and Ally Chat About:

  • What steps to take first when you are considering living your 9-5

  • How to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the big picture

  • Their “9-5 Escape Plan” and their upcoming FREE Freedom Lifestyle Launch Challenge (starting April 22, 2021!)

  • How to find your unique superpower and then turn those into income streams

  • Working through your imposter syndrome

  • Gaining confidence in yourself

  • How they took the leap to become digital nomads

  • How they transitioned to full time travelers in a financially sustainable way

  • Making it easy to make money through passive income streams

  • Getting into the stock market

“One of the number three reasons why new ideas or new businesses...small businesses fail is just because people are not consistent enough to make it to success. Success and failure are both on the same path, it's just that success is further away than failure."

To see more of Ana and Tomer's travels and learn about how they can help you pursue the life of your dreams, check them out here:

Freedom Lifestyle Launch Challenge:


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