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Marine Veteran & Her DIY School Bus Tiny House - Family Life On The Road

Jessica and her kids have been living full-time in their beautiful bus for 1.5 years. It’s filled with lots of clever ideas including a custom-made desk that sits on top of her steering wheel and an exterior rock-climbing wall to get on the roof. Jessica included nods to her 10 years of service in the Marine Corps with a section to display patches, dinette seats made out of her sea bags, a keepsake box displayed on her countertop, and art throughout the bus from veteran artists. Their bus has everything you need, even a bathtub made out of a stock tank! Jessica’s non-profit, Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio provides veterans with ammo cans filled with art supplies to provide a creative outlet for stress and mental health. Check out the full tour below.

Jessica served in the Marine Corps for 10 years.

Jessica's son's bedroom has lots of storage underneath! Photo by Tiny Home Photographer

The Paint Can Project is one of Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio's biggest missions. Check it out here to donate or participate. Photo by Tiny Home Photographer

"The art boxes are repurposed ammo cans filled with products and coupons from veteran friendly companies to help all around wellness of each veteran, mind, body and soul. "

You can follow along with Jessica and her family, or learn more about Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio at the links below.

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