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Meet Arbour Season: full time folk musicians, nomads & family of four!

In today's episode...

Ayana sits down with Shane & Emily of Arbour Season. This traveling folk duo have been on the road for 7 years! Now a family of four, listen as they share all about parenting on the road and traveling as full time musicians.

Ayana, Shane & Emily discuss:

  • How Shane & Emily got on the road

  • The highs and lows of nomadic life over seven years

  • Parenting on the road

  • The importance of giving back

  • How traveling has shaped their music

  • Advice for those looking to get on the road

Follow Shane & Emily's journey on Instagram: @arbourseason

Visit their YouTube channel: @arbourseason

Check out their Patreon here:

Click here to listen to their music on Spotify!

Be ready to be uncomfortable...and welcome it!"

Click below to watch the full tour of the Arbour Season bus!

Listen to Arbour Season's newest single Roam:


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