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A Deep Dive into Mobile Income Streams and YouTube Monetization

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Dustin and Chris sit down to discuss building and monetizing a YouTube channel but end up covering so much more!

“That’s some of the best advice, its applicable to everything we do, is enjoy what you are doing and keep at it and good things will come”

What Chris and Dustin Chat About:

  • How to start a YouTube channel

  • Hiring remote workers to expand your business

  • What types of videos do best on YouTube

  • Getting to know your audience: utilizing analytics and the community tab

  • Managing comments on YouTube

  • How to make money on YouTube

“Remote work is the future; I think more and more people are just going to keep moving into it. If you partner that with the ability to travel… it really just opens up the world.”

His wife’s podcast: Nomads at the Intersections;,


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