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Living Life as a YouTuber on the Road: “The Nomadic Executive” Guest Episode

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Today’s episode is a bit different than our usual podcast. Chris joins Omar Mo on his podcast, The Nomadic Executive, to discuss life on the road. Chris tells Omar how he initially got on the road and how he grew Tiny Home Tours and Zeppelin Travels into successful YouTube channels and businesses that support his lifestyle and an entire team of nomads.

Chris' skoolie, Zep II. Photo by @agirlnamedleney

“The road has definitely taught me patience and the realization that you can’t choose what happens, but you can choose how you react.”

Chris' first van, Zep I. Photo by Brad Booth

What Chris and Omar Chat About:

  • Omar’s experience with vanlife

  • How Chris got on the road

  • Chris’ business ventures

  • Making your content go further, re-purposing content for multiple platforms

  • The Zeppelin Travels concept

  • Stories from Chris’ first van

  • Evolution of Chris’ rigs over the years (van, RV, skoolie)

  • Re-branding accounts to expand and grow

  • Why Chris lives in a skoolie

  • Considerations for building your own skoolie

  • Why you should buy an already converted skoolie

Chris' RV

Interested in hearing more from Omar and The Nomadic Executive podcast? Check it out at the links below:


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