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Rich - A Skoolie Life Journey

What’s in Today’s Episode

In this episode Chris chats talks with one of the guys at our skoolie build workshop, Rich! Rich has been living tiny on the road for four years and has learned a lot along the way. In this episode we learn about his journey into #skoolielife and his perspective on minimalism and taking the leap into tiny living.

“With minimalism, it’s not gettng rid of the things that you absolutely love. It’s shedding the excess. And it’s gettng rid of stuff that doesn’t provide value anymore.”

What Chris & Rich Chat About:

  • We dive a little bit into what got Rich started on his skoolie life journey.

  • Chris & Rich go over the pros and cons of skoolie vs towing a camper.

  • Rich talks a bit about the shift in mindset and getting his then partner on board with the tiny life journey.

  • We learn about Rich’s thoughts on downsizing and minimalism.

  • Rich walks us through the process of getting his first bus and journey of converting it into his tiny home on wheels.

  • Rich’s average monthly budget of $1000 - $1500 while traveling.

  • Finding places to park a bus out on the road! Different resources that Rich used in the beginning.

  • Traveling to see family was more important and more of a draw for Rich’s travel destination decisions.

  • Rich talks about the different jobs he’s found on the road and the ‘rain drop effect’ philosophy to working and making money on the road.

  • The end of one bus life chapter and the beginning of working with Tiny Home Tours. And a new bus!

  • Lessons from build 1 to be implemented in build 2.

  • What is it like driving a manual transmission bus?

“It’s about setting your own standards and how you want to live. What’s acceptable and what you can get by with.”

“I think bus life will help you decide what you want to do next in your life. When you get to do what you want and you see all these things, your future becomes more clear.”

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