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Vanlife with Children – Insights and Advice

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Meg Wilder and her daughter, Molly live and travel in their self-built van. Megan's main goal is to inspire other single moms out there that this type of travel with your child is possible. They found an old Step Van that used to belong to the Montreal Fire Department for CAD$2,200 and turned it into a tiny home on wheels. Meg shares her journey to living full-time on the road, how she prepared her daughter, and tips for other parents hoping to take the leap.

“You’re going to adapt and change over time because…. most houses don’t move but when your house is on wheels it moves, so there are going to be so many things that you are going to learn once you do your build and when you hit the road, there is going to be change constantly.”

What Chris and Meg Chat About:

  • Her inspiration for living alternatively

  • The process of building out their home and renovating on the way

  • Realizing that she could live a life filled with travel and be a mom

  • Traveling full-time with a child, preparing your child for a nomadic lifestyle

  • Tips for helping your child be successful on the road

  • Homeschooling and making friends on the road

  • Transitioning from traveling in the van to being stationary in the van

  • Working remotely as an office administrator

“You don’t know until you try, but for the most part, for me at least, this is the best experience that I’ve ever made. I’m so much more in touch and connected with myself as a human being and I’m so much more in touch and connected with my daughter than I ever have been in my whole life and her whole life, and I honestly know that this lifestyle is what caused that.”

“However she is feeling, I accept that, I respect it, and I adjust accordingly.”


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