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Empty Nesters Turn Extra Time Into Dream Camper Van

Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes. Tim and Aimee’s tiny home on wheels is a 2019 Ford Transit campervan that they DIY converted. Aimee is a nurse, and Tim is a semi-retired CPA, so they are able to arrange their schedules to enjoy road trips in their campervan.

“We decided to build our own van during Covid. Our kids were getting ready to go away to college and we had a little time on our hands. We spent about a year building this out and making it into our perfect tiny home on wheels!”

Vanlife is Perfect for Empty Nesters

The couple's kitchen area is only 26 inches long, with a four-gallon water heater, 20 gallons of fresh water, and a water filter. Their tall fridge/freezer was a must-have for Aimee, as it is able to hold six pints of her beloved Ben and Jerry’s and is very energy efficient. They cook with a mini microwave that doesn’t use much power and a small hotplate they can tuck away when not in use. Their slimline Keurig was another must-have and is held in place with museum putty.

The built-in bathroom area is tucked away under a flip-up section of butcher block table top from Ikea that was cut into pieces for use throughout the build. The couple wasn’t confident in their ability to construct drawers, so they used under-counter shelves and repurposed catch-alls with bins for storage.

Watch their full camper van tour here:

Anyone Can Build a Tiny Home

When discussing why they chose to convert the van themselves, Tim shared, “I liked the challenge of it . . . you have to learn to be a carpenter, a finish carpenter, a plumber, an electrician. We couldn’t have done it without YouTube!”

In the front of the van, they have overhead storage baskets and a swivel passenger seat that can be turned to utilize the Lagun table and allow more seating in the living area. The Lagun table can even be swiveled for use outside the van.

For comfort, they use a Coleman Mach 8 Cub air conditioner with the optional heating coil so they have both heat and air, as well as a fan in the sleeping area and one up front. They didn’t install windows in the back for safety.

Their garage area is under the bed and accessible from the outside. Their water system and tanks are housed here as well as the electrical system and batteries. There is room for many other things such as their dog accessories, tables, tools, firewood...even an electric bike!

Tiny Living Can Equal Huge Adventures

This couple didn’t let Covid get them down; they used their time to build out their dream campervan. Now they can travel at will; when full retirement comes, they are set to take to the road! Until then, maybe you’ll see them on their upcoming road trip through the Pacific Northwest!

Find the couple on Instagram @casperthecampervan

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