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Freedom Lifestyles Lead to Serendipitous Adventures

Free-spirited Sam and his cat, Ash, live and travel in their 1977 Ford B500 skoolie that he has dubbed, "The Serendipity Bus." He saw the bus one day on the side of the road and had to have it. It was a blank canvas, just waiting for him to make it his own. Sam loves the classic lines of the bus, and the howling wolf hood ornament is representative of his journey!

Sam’s kitchen consists of a sink with five gallons of fresh water, a two-burner cooktop, a DIY spice rack, and plenty of room for storage of his other kitchen necessities. Magnets hold metal dishes to the ceiling, conserving cabinet space for other items. A shelf nestled into the upper curve of the bus holds his collectibles, the copper trees he makes from reclaimed electrical wire, and fruit.

Road Life Offers Opportunities for Adventure

His power comes from home and starter batteries that charge when the bus is running. On the rearview mirror, he has a backup camera display, so he can watch his motorcycle and see what’s behind him when he’s backing up.

In the cab, the flat dashboard displays little trinkets and pieces of art. His captain’s chair spins to become usable in the living area. Sam displays stickers from his travels on the front and back bulkheads so he can reminisce and relive them at a glance. When he needs privacy, Sam has blackout curtains and the bus windows have been limo tinted for temperature control as well as privacy.

“What really inspired me to want to do the bus life, though, was just car camping, backpacking, and traveling a lot. I was always on the move and I would find that my little SUV wasn’t quite enough space to be able to sleep in and store everything! This seemed like a great option and I was right!”

DIY Items Makes a Tiny Space Your Own

His homemade table pulls up to allow working on crafts and eating, but folds away when not in use. The cooler doubles as a seat for the table, as does his convertible futon bed on the other side. Sam built cool bifold closet doors to save space when they are open and multiple drawers underneath for his clothing. His bathroom/storage closet has a full-length mirror which Sam says is great for “actually looking presentable when that needs to happen!”

Tiny Living Offers Many Opportunities for Work

Sam studied forestry at Oregon State University, giving him a love of nature and trees. He crafts and sells his copper trees at festivals and is trying to get them into shops and markets. He also likes to work as a guide and the bus is a “perfect base camp for whatever work I’m trying to do!”

All in all, this lifestyle is perfect for Sam. He loves meeting new people, sharing what he's learned along the way, and living this freedom lifestyle! He has no plans to settle down!

To see the full tour:

Instagram: Serendipity Bus

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