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Solo Female Traveler Finding Strength and Confidence Through Life on the Road

Angela Rose Fields is a lucky lady, she gets to live a nomadic lifestyle and travel around in her 1982 Holiday Rambler RV she has named Fancy! When a tree fell on her home in Oregon she went to stay with a friend who lived out of his Westfalia campervan and she was hooked. Angela’s work as a health coach and model was easy to continue remotely and she has also starting her own eco-friendly sunscreen business. Angela loves the freedom of life on the road, as well as the cost savings that comes with owning her own space.

Living Tiny Frees Up Money for Use in Developing Business Interests

Angela’s kitchen counter space is limited but she makes the most of it with a cover for the sink to expand the workspace. She has a four-burner propane stove and oven, which is one of the reasons she chose this RV over a van, and a colorful backsplash with magnetic spice holders. She has a banjolele (combination of a banjo and ukulele) and a guitar she plays everyday. The space includes lots of plants to make the space homier and improve the air quality!

Tiny Living Provides Opportunities for Growth and Artistic Expression

Angela transformed the floor in her RV into a one-of-a-kind golden wonderland! In sticking with the “Fancy” theme, she chose to go with a gold holographic floor! Two coats of Epoxy and tons of gold holographic glitter later, she has a creative work of art that she LOVES!!

“I wanted my space to sparkle, to shine, to emit rainbows and to be a place where I had a hard time feeling sad, since ultimately my goal in life is to encompass it all, but be happy as much as possible!”

Angela kept most of her jewelry, as it makes her happy. She reclaimed wood from a local Oregon beach, installed hooks, and voila, storage with a warm vibe! A composting toilet, large closet, and shower/bath combo that would be the envy of any road traveler round out the bathroom area.

The cab of her RV is one of her favorite parts with swiveling captain's chairs that provide comfy seating both on the road and when entertaining company.

Solo Female Travel Can Build Confidence and Facilitate Spiritual Growth

Traveling solo as a female requires a bit of extra precautions. To counteract that, she currently has two pepper spray keychains, a taser she sleeps with, stickers all over the outside saying, ‘Smile, you’re on camera,’ and a boatload of determination to get past previous traumatic experiences.

“It’s empowering and has really taught me just how capable I am and that I don’t need anyone else in order to thrive in this world!”

Angela’s dreams are coming true as she finds adventure and satisfaction in her tiny home on wheels!

Watch the full tour

Follow Angela on Instagram: @angelarosefields

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