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“Not so Tiny” 399 square foot Tiny Home in a Modern Agrihood

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Iris lives in a 399 square foot tiny house at Village Farm in Austin, Texas. The community is a “modern agrihood” aka a community built around a farm! She refers to her house as “not so tiny” because it has several key features that help it feel large on the inside including high ceilings and a design that is wider than a traditional tiny home.

High ceilings make tiny look big

After walking up the spacious front porch (complete with ceiling fan for the hot Texas summer!) and down the side porch, you enter the spacious main living area. This room is one of Iris’ favorites because it has one of her must have features- a fireplace! She also has a record player, a reading nook with tons of built-in book storage, and ample wall space to display her beloved art collection. Throughout the home there are tons of cool pieces of multi-use furniture including the large L-shaped sofa that converts into an additional guest sleeping space.

Separating the living room from the kitchen, Iris has another ingenious converting furniture piece- a wall cabinet that folds down into a dining table and has built in storage for wine and her rock collection. She uses cute folding chairs for the dining table so they can be tucked away when not in use.

“I always thought it was kind of funny that somewhere along the line, we sort of became this nation where bigger is better and I think that is not necessarily the case. I think if you have the people that you value and the things that you value around you, it doesn’t matter what size you live in. You are able to make a very comfortable living in small spaces as well.”

Kitchen perfect for farm living

Although Iris doesn’t cook much, she loves that the kitchen has a dishwasher, full-size appliances, ample storage, and a huge farmhouse sink. The full-size fridge comes in handy for all the fresh fruits and veggies she can get from the on-site organic farm. The neighborhood has also converted the main farmhouse into a community space which includes a co-working area. Iris works remotely in tech and does coaching on the side for career transitions and personal success.

Converting furniture maximizes living space

Her guest bedroom doubles as an office and a dressing closet, making the most of small space living. The large desk converts into a bed! Plus, the closet is deep enough to tuck a dresser inside and closes with space saving barn doors.

Iris went with a mermaid theme in the bathroom to remind her of living by the ocean. While the bathroom is small, there is ample storage including a massive medicine cabinet. She gave the room a spa like feel with a teak seat and fragrant eucalyptus hanging in the spacious shower.

Sloped ceilings mean taller sleeping lofts

Finally, Iris uses the sleeping loft as her master bedroom. It has a sloped ceiling allowing her to fit a chair and sit upright at the tall end. The space is big enough for a king size bed and has a dedicated mini split to keep it nice and cool. Iris’ tiny house is a perfect example of living tiny without sacrificing your needs!

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