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Alaska Camper Van Tiny House Living - Brad's Nomadic Journey, Pt. 2

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Brad is part of the Tiny Home Tours filming crew and spent last summer traveling around in Chris’ original camper van, Zep I. He will be returning this Spring to drive the van down to the lower 48. Chris checks in with Brad to see how he is adjusting to vanlife and Alaska one month into his trip.

“Alaska… it’s a wild place, you’ve got animals you need to worry about, the tides are different, especially when you’re fishing--gotta watch that, and the weather is just…unpredictable”

What Chris and Brad Chat About:

  • Quarantining in a van in Alaska

  • Getting used to the weather and Alaska

  • Adjusting to living in an old rig

  • Meeting people in a new place

  • Living in a small town

  • Fuel pump issues in Zep I

  • What it is like vlogging

  • Instagram vs. vanlife reality

“That [a toilet] is a luxury that…when you live in a home, you take for granted how luxurious having a toilet is. It’s crazy, I’ve had the toilet for two days now and it’s just been, oh my god, it’s so nice.”


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