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Alaskan Off-Grid Living with Robert Stark: A Veteran's Adventure into Homesteading

In today's episode...

join us for an in-depth conversation with Robert Stark, a combat veteran whose journey led him to embrace off-grid, sustainable living in the wilds of Alaska. From his military service to profound realizations during his tours, Robert recounts his path to finding harmony and purpose in a life deeply intertwined with nature and simplicity.

Discover how Robert transitioned from military life to cultivating a homestead in Alaska, where he prioritizes renewable energy, organic farming, and instilling timeless values in his family. Hear about the trials and triumphs of homesteading, the significance of setting achievable goals, and his approach to raising environmentally conscious children.

Tune in as Robert imparts wisdom for those intrigued by a similar lifestyle, stressing the importance of resilience, practical expectations, and uncovering personal meaning beyond societal conventions.

Chris & Robert Discuss:

  • Robert's journey from childhood, to the military, and on to off-grid living in Alaska.

  • Learning and growing through community and self-sufficiency

  • The realities of self-sustained living

  • Robert's journey of healing and transformation

  • Exploring spirituality and community conversations

  • Self-sufficiency and learning new skills

  • Power and water: off-grid living challenges

  • Family life and financial realities of homesteading

  • Parenting goals and the importance of raising children with values

  • Grit and realistic expectations

  • How to connect with Robert and exploring his work as an author.

Check out Robert's website:

Click here and support Robert's kickstarter campaign to get his second book published!

Watch our tour of Robert's homestead in Alaska from 7 years back:

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