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Exploring Tiny Living: Tia's Journey to a Traditional Tiny Home Community in Texas

In today's episode...

listen in to an in-depth conversation with Tia, a resident of a traditional tiny home community in Texas. Tia shares her journey into tiny living, detailing her motivations, lifestyle adjustments, and the benefits and challenges of residing in a tiny home.

Tia delves into the specifics of her home, including its design, the decision to live off-grid with solar power, and the importance of a reliable foundation. Tia also highlights the sense of community and intentionality in tiny living.

The episode offers valuable insights into financing tiny homes, and the significance of understanding one's 'why' behind choosing this lifestyle. Tia's story provides a comprehensive look at the practicalities, joys, and communal aspects of tiny living in a dedicated tiny home community.

Ayana & Tia Discuss:

  • Tia's tiny living journey--how she came to live in a tiny home community in Texas

  • The drawbacks and benefits of living in a traditional tiny home

  • Tia's non-profit work and creating and sustaining affordable housing

  • Reasons to invest in a tiny home vs. a traditional home

  • RV parks and tiny home communities--what they have in common and how they're different

  • Advice for those interested in tiny living

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