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All Things Tiny: Design, Building, Parking, and Financing

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Lindsay Wood, The Tiny Home Lady, and our very own tiny guru, Allison Shea, share their vast knowledge of tiny homes! They discuss their personal tiny journeys, how to travel with your tiny house, tiny home legality and parking, building, financing, and so much more. You cannot skip this article if you are planning on going tiny!!

What Lindsay and Allison Chat About:

  • Lindsay shares her story of deciding to go tiny and all the many things that went wrong

  • How she went from a professional custom build to an unexpected DIY

  • Finding out they were overweight to pull their tiny house after they had begun to tow it

  • Legal tiny house clearance height for traveling across the United States

  • Her biggest takeaway from her experience hiring a builder, having to do a last-minute DIY, and beginning to travel with her tiny

  • Tackling the wild world of tiny home parking and legality

  • Zoning and discrimination

  • Where tiny homes and accessory dwelling units have been legalized in the United States

  • The four types of tiny homes and how those affect legality

  • The benefits of factory-built or kit homes versus local builders

  • A few ways can you reduce costs to make going tiny more affordable

  • DIY vs. hybrid vs. professional builder

  • How to finance a tiny house

  • Benefits of going tiny

  • Ways to figure out your tiny house design

  • Multifunctional furniture, light paint colors, and lots of natural light!

“[People who want to DIY], I’m all for that, just know that you probably want to assume a longer build time right out of the gate unless you are quitting your job and going full steam ahead and you’ve got the right people to come out and teach you and all that kind of stuff.”

“Go and visit the build. If you can’t visit the build…make sure you’re getting pictures. Communication, communication, communication, not just with people you are romantic with, in relationships with people that you are putting a sizable amount of money into their hands.”

Check out our Tiny Home Tour of Lindsay's home:

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Follow along with Lindsay

Instagram: @tinyhomelady

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