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Beautiful Airstream Allows Couple to Enjoy All the Road has to Offer in Comfort and Style

Matt and Amanda happily live and travel full time in their 2012 Airstream International. They met at Burning Man, went on a three-month backpacking jaunt to South America, and ended up moving in together in San Francisco. They bought their first camper van for less than ten thousand dollars and lived in it for three years. They were amazed at the amount of freedom it gave them, both financially and mobility-wise.

“We traveled all over North America and went to a lot of places that we’d never been before that we’d wanted to go to…we just had a blast!”

Tiny Living Opens up Possibilities for Saving Money

The Airstream kitchen has tons of storage plus the deep sink has a cutting board cover that extends their workspace. Matt even added a colorful wallpaper to give it some warmth and a handy mister nozzle to the faucet to conserve water. They can usually go for a week without refilling their water tanks! The stove and oven are propane and they love that they can bake brownies. Kitchen storage is a long, deep cabinet above the sink with sliding door, a pull out pantry, and above and below the fridge storage. Matt and Amanda’s favorite part of the Airstream kitchen is the large fridge with freezer.

One end of the Airstream has a dinette that converts to a bed and is also used as a dedicated workspace for their remote work. They have DIY’d a second standing desk when they want to spread out a little.There is storage under the couch and dinette seats, as well as above the dining area, and panoramic windows let in light and allow enjoyment of whatever beautiful vistas they are parked at.

Remote Work is Even More Enjoyable in a Beautiful Space

The large bathroom, across the hall from the shower, has tons of storage. They intentionally got the larger airstream to avoid having a wet bath, the larger ones have a space specific to the shower. A queen size bed, with storage space underneath sits at the end of the RV. It also has amazing panoramic windows that allow viewing beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

The camper has a screen door and a LED porch light. Outside they can relax in the shade under a full length awning that pulls down.

Matt and Amanda have found the comfortable space that they enjoy living in, it just happens to be a tiny home on wheels that has allowed them to fulfill their dreams of spending time together, working remotely, and traveling at will to all places beautiful!

Watch the full tour:

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