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Living Minimally Increases Freedom: The Sky's the Limit for Skoolie Dwellers

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Clint and Erika travel in Big Sky Bus, a 1977 California Crown Bus they spent a good amount of time converting. Clint does the cooking and loves his large, fully-stocked kitchen with an amazing 3,400 piece one of a kind Lego backsplash that brings out his ‘inner child!’ Reclaimed wood countertops from an old barn in Michigan gives an ambiance that Clint says he vibes with.

Their fridge is a converted freezer that runs off 2 thermometers and turns itself off when it reaches temp. Everything in the bus is run off their four solar panels except for their air conditioner, which they use when connected to shore power.

Living Tiny Opens up Options for Freedom Fueled Lifestyles

Storage is important in any tiny living environment! Clint and Erika’s bus has custom made drawers that Clint learned to construct while working alongside the cabinet maker. Toe kick drawers add even more space and a huge pantry rounds out the kitchen space. Their lounge area has a custom couch with a mattress that can be used for company plus has storage under the couch and in the cubes along the opposite wall that can be multi-purposed for additional seating.There is also storage alongside the bed and underneath!

Researching Tiny Lifestyles Online Can Help Make Good Decisions Regarding Tiny Living

Clint and Erika made the decision to go tiny while living in Houston, Texas. Clint says, “I’d been looking online and [I saw] Transcend Existence, the bus, and I’d mentioned it to Erika that maybe we could live in a school bus. I’d always loved Americana!” A big yellow school bus was the “epitome of Americana!” Even though they didn’t end up going with that type of bus, as they impulse bought their California Crown, that was the forward moving moment for their journey. They began their freedom lifestyle by staying with a friend and purging their belongings, knowing that they were going to take the leap to going tiny.

Erika loves dinosaurs, she is often called the ‘Crazy Dinosaur Lady’ as she has 27 dinosaurs displayed in her tiny space. Even her engagement ring is made of dinosaur bone! Her happy place is any museum where she can observe and learn about her favorite fossils!

The bathroom in this skoolie is done in beautiful blue tile with water resistant cabinetry and a composting toilet.

Skoolie Life Encourages Resourcefulness and Courage to Try New Things

Tiny Home Tours videographer Brad skydiving with Clint and Erika!

Today, Clint and Erika still love skydiving and Clint works as a skydiving instructor! She jokes that he met her, fed her, and she married him and he still does all the cooking!

Catch up with Clint and Erika on Instagram @bigskybus.

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