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Colorful Tiny Home on Wheels Built by Solo Female in Under a Month

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Amber and her dog Koda, have been living and traveling for around seven months in a van dubbed ‘Luna.’ Luna is a 2006 Dodge T1N Sprinter van. Originally, it was an empty cargo van and Amber, working totally off-grid in Arizona, transformed it in three and a half weeks into a beautiful, bohemian tiny home on wheels that she now calls home!

Amber wanted her van to reflect her personality and she LOVES colors, so there are tons of vibrant colors throughout this build. A cool pop-up table with a mandala does double duty as a counter top extender and a table for the passenger when it’s seat is swiveled around. Amber wanted swivel seats to maximize the space for entertaining in her van. She can seat three comfortably with her bistro style dinette. Amber added an RV window for airflow by cutting a hole in the van and installing it herself, right down to the angles on the trim.

Solo Female Vanlife Opens up Opportunities

“I would say the best part about living in a van is 100% the freedom and the ability to go wherever I want to and always have my home with me and always have my comforts with me. And it’s just really opened up the possibilities of what I can do and where I can go.”

In her kitchen, amber has a two burner propane stove and an exquisite blue, yellow, and green hand painted ceramic sink she purchased from a woman in Mexico! Silverware, knives, and spices hang on magnetic strips above the stove for convenience. For washing dishes, she preserves water and removes the need for a large gray water tank by wiping them down with a spray of vinegar, water, and orange peels.

Surround Yourself with Things you Love to Make Vanlife More Satisfying

Amber wanted her van to be awash with vibrant colors and to reflect her personality. She used four or five different colored stains throughout her build. Her favorite part of the van is the haint blue ceiling, which, in the southern traditions, is thought to ward off bad spirits and bad energy! Her bedroom has a full size mattress she had to cut 4 inches from to make fit. She built the bed low enough to sit upright in bed, but high enough to allow for garage space underneath.

Amber was able to do her entire build, from start to finish, on her own AND off-grid. Solo females living freedom lifestyles are here to stay! If you are considering this lifestyle and would like to learn more about Amber, watch her complete tour:

Follow Amber on Instagram to keep up with her adventures: @aimless.amber

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