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Vanlife Offers Many Opportunities for Artistic Expression and New Income Streams

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Bobby and Chris are road travelers that enjoy traveling around the country in their 2014 Mercedes Sprinter van called Ivan. They renovated this van to make it their own. In the kitchen, there is a large sink with a swing away faucet and a 27 gallon water tank. Bobby crafted a tuck-away compartment for the trash. Cooking is done using an induction cooktop or gas burner that gets tucked-away, keeping the clean open atmosphere.

Decor Makes All the Difference in Tiny Spaces

They enjoy resin art, so have crafted a beautiful faux white marble countertop. They also crafted a resin guitar and hung it in a space of honor in memory of Chris’ son that passed away.

Above the kitchen counter, they have tons of storage and cabinet fronts that Chris decorated with artwork that she crafted herself with a jigsaw and some pieces of wood. These are a must see, she did such a great job! There is a pullout pantry and tiny fridge with a small freezer for use on the road.

Tiny Living Communities are Families and Offer Support and Assistance

Bobby and Chris completed their elegant renovations on their sprinter van and others in the tiny community began asking them to build for them as well! The van is decorated in blacks and whites and was frequetly called ‘boujee’ by their friends and new people they were meeting. They now build and decorate vans under the company name, Boujee Builds!

They have king-sized size bed so they don’t have to crawl over each other. They also share a love of sunrises and sunsets and the van is decorated to reflect that. One side represents day, one night! There is a MaxAir fan to increase ventilation that does a great job, too, as well as 300 watts of solar power. Under the king-sized bed is a storage space, as well as a pull out bench that Chris requested and a decorative wooden sun!

Chris and Bobby shared that they chose vanlife because they wanted to be free. The process wasn’t easy, Chris had to purge EVERYTHING from a house she had lived in 30 years and Bobby did the same. They made plans to travel internationally, but Covid put an end to those plans and they decided to go tiny! Vanlife is full of ‘perfect accidents’ and those accidents brought them together and gave them many opportunities to enjoy each other AND enjoy the open road!

Keep up with Bobby and Chris at HappilyTravelingEverAfter on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!

Watch their full tiny home tour below:

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