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Solo Female Road Travel: Seeking Destiny in a Tiny Home on Wheels

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Candyss Love and her German Shepard Cleo have been traveling in a Ram ProMaster 1500 for a little over a year. She named her van Papa J after her grandfather and cousin. Candyss was formerly in the military and worked as a police officer, but has given that up for the open road and seeking her destiny in a tiny home on wheels!

Candyss made the decision to undertake this vanlife adventure because she has a passion for travel and was anxious to begin ‘learning what freedom meant to me!’ She has found spiritual growth and healing in travel and living on the road. Solo female travel is ‘extremely empowering!’

Small Van, Huge Dreams

Its important to Candyss to keep the space open and airy in her van and she does this by making sure to keep the windows open and let in the light! Space is at a premium in such a small van so she only carries one set of silverware and dishes that she washes in a small sink with a six-gallon water tank.

Candyss rarely cooks, so the tuck-away hot plate in her van is plenty for her. She does love her cute tiny sink with marble surround and glass backsplash that her Mom picked out. Only two things in the van require electricity, her powerstation and puck lights that provide colored ambiance.

Planning Maximizes Storage Space Even in the Tiniest of Spaces

For such a small space, she has tons of storage, in cabinets running along the ceiling, under a small custom built seat next to the sink and under the entire length of the raised bed. The wall next to the bed holds Candyss’ prized national park hat collection, as well as her ukulele that says TRY, which, by the way, she hasn’t yet!

One of Candyss’ favorite parts of her van is the massive under bed storage space accessible from inside and outside. She even hollowed out the raised bed platform for storage for her clothes! Candyss enjoys the simple life and feels no need for a fridge, instead living out of a cooler she packs with ice when she stops to gas up.

Vanlife Can Facilitate Self-Actualization in a Beautiful Way

Candyss shares, “I am free in a beautiful way!” She is a free spirit seeking self fulfillment and helping others reach their emotional goals, also. She calls herself an ‘intuitive guide’ and helps people get past their ‘emotional blockages.’ She loves sharing her spiritual journey and helping others along the way. Solo female vanlife has given her the opportunity to experience a sense of freedom that she had never known and has given her such a sense of accomplishment!

Candyss owns her own skin care line, is a content creator, and loves creating things she can monetize. You can find her on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and at her website, all of which bear the name Candyss.Love

Check out the full van tour below:

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