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Choosing the Right Tiny Home on Wheels: Insights and Experiences

In today's episode...

hosts Ayana and Ally delve into the complex decision-making process of selecting the right rig for a lifestyle on the road. They share their personal experiences and considerations in choosing between buses, vans, RVs, and traditional tiny homes, specifically addressing the importance of design, budget, and practicality in making these decisions. The conversation covers topics like the pros and cons of various types of rigs, budget management, design preferences, and the inevitable compromises and lessons learned along the way.

Ally & Ayana Discuss:

  • Big picture questions that they considered before purchasing rigs.

  • Why a custom designed tiny home was the right decision for Ally & her family

    • the pros & cons of the tiny home

  • Why Ayana & her husband chose a school bus

    • the pros & cons of the skoolie

  • Designing your tiny home--deciding on needs and wants

  • Budgeting when hiring a builder or doing it yourself

Check out Ally's tiny home:

Tour Ayana's skoolie:

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