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Documentarian Kyle Thacker's Journey from House to Bus and Back!

In today's episode...

Tiny Home Tours founder Chris Penn sits down with Kyle Thacker. Kyle and his wife, Naomi, lived in a 40 ft. school bus and traveled the country while creating the documentary Skoolie. Kyle shares their journey from a tiny home-curious couple to full-time bus dwellers. Listen as Kyle details tips for negotiating remote work, tales from their travels, and shares why their bus life journey came to an abrupt end.

Kyle & Chris dicuss:

  • How Kyle and his wife Naomi stumbled into tiny living

  • The killer deal Kyle scored on their 40 ft. Bus

  • The importance of networks and support while building your tiny home

  • The transition to bus life

  • Tips for negotiating remote work

  • Creating community on the road

  • Living on the road with your spouse

  • How Naomi & Kyle's bus life journey came to an abrupt end

  • Transitioning back to house life post tiny living

  • The lasting impacts of bus life

Check out Kyle's production company Red Dot Video:

Visit Kyle's YouTube channel: @shutterspeedtheskoolie5432

Check out Kyle & Naomi's Instagram:

Click here to watch Skoolie the documentary!

"That was the theme of the entire trip. That life has ups and downs and you just gotta roll with the punches and that's the beauty of life..."

Watch Skoolie the documentary:

Check out Kyle & Naomi's YouTube channel:


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