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Downstairs Bedrooms Make Tiny Home Living Suitable for All Ages

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Penny lives in a tiny house called ‘Silver Girl’ in Waldport, Oregon. When she moved down to Oregon from Alaska, she purged over half of her belongings and loves that ‘it takes 10 minutes to clean the house from top to bottom so that’s a good thing!’ Her main must-keep item was her favorite 25 year old green recliner, she even gave up her couch to make space for it!

Allergies Can be Accommodated in a Tiny Home

Penny’s tiny home has natural unfinished woodwork throughout due to her allergies! Most of the living areas are pine, but the bathroom is cedar, which is better at keeping the moisture down! The beautiful high ceilings make this home feel bigger than it actually is and the wrought-iron metalwork on the stairs is amazing! The awning windows that she loves to open up on rainy days make the space even more airy and light.

Hardwood cabinets in the kitchen have plenty of storage and open shelving holds Penny’s everyday use dishes above the huge farmhouse sink. Penny loves her massive kitchen ‘it’s perfect for me!’ She enjoys cooking, so really appreciates the propane stove with it’s large oven and exhaust fan. A must-have for Penny was lots of outlets so that she didn’t have to keep moving things around to plug them in. The electric bill is only around $20 a month, another amazing perk to living tiny!

Bathrooms Touches Add Ambiance to a Tiny Home

Penny’s bathroom has a full-size shower and sink, as well as a cute stained glass window covering and mirror that she hand-crafted and brought with her from Alaska. Penny had the main floor bed built high enough that she could store items underneath in totes, as storage space is all important in a tiny!

Tiny Homes Are Suitable for All Ages

The upstairs loft houses a full-size bed and a treadmill for her dog. Penny wants to sell this home so that she can purchase one without a loft, as she is 77 and has some difficulty getting up to the loft area, but she’s having trouble finding one! Even so, she loves this lifestyle and has no regrets. She plans to continue to live tiny,

‘I love living in a tiny house, I wouldn’t want to live in a regular house anymore, ever!’

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