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Solo, Resourceful, Female Forging a Beautiful Life in the Alaskan Frontier

Crystal lives alone in a tiny home situated in the beautiful solitude of Alaska and couldn’t be more at peace. She has lived here for over four years and continues to renovate and upgrade her space to make herself more comfortable. Her cabin is presently a dry cabin, but she has plans to upgrade by adding a shallow 35-foot well.

Crystal’s favorite space is her deck area and the multi-colored chairs she painted to give it some pizazz! She also has some greenery and strawberry plants. She jokes that in Alaska, the huge mosquitos are referred to as the ‘state bird!” These make screens a must-have.

Crystal brings us into her spotless white kitchen. She uses five-gallon water containers for cooking, coffee, and occasional handwash. Her kitchen has all the comforts of a larger home, including a toaster oven, propane four-burner stove with oven, air fryer, and full-size fridge, just to name a few. Crystal even made a bar along one side with barstools for entertaining.

DIY Renovations Provide a Sense of Accomplishment

Crystal bought this home as a shell and renovated it from floor to ceiling. She loves using reclaimed items and all of the wood, beyond structural wood, is reclaimed, even the outside siding!

Originally, Crystal’s tiny home had a flat roof, but she recently began building a loft and moved her queen-sized bed upstairs, giving her space for a real living room! She is excited that now she can sit on the couch/daybed and watch tv, eat, or just lounge with company. It has been a lot of work and is still a work in progress, but Crystal loves it. She has a huge window that she can sit in front of and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains, so it’s a win-win situation.

The bathroom has a sliding door, with a regular sink, cabinets, and shower. Presently, she is using another five-gallon container for water in the sink until she gets running water in the home, at which time she will put in a toilet for liquids, as she has an outhouse she uses for solids (with a newly added curtain since being spotted by a passing plane)!

Solitude Expands a Person’s Horizons

Crystal sums up perfectly what tiny living is all about:

“It’s just really fun to be able to create and see the bounty of that every day, it’s very fulfilling! I am quite a humble person, but I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to create! I don’t see a lifestyle change. I like living here and I like living alone!”

Check out Crystal’s inspirational tour below:

Follow Crystal on Instagram: @tinyhouse.alaska

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