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Earning a Living On the Go with D.J. Aaron

In today's episode...

In this week's episode Ayana chats with fellow nomad D.J. Aaron. Together, they unravel the secrets of making a living on the road, delve into the costs of van life, and share insights on the flexibility and perseverance required to live life on the road! Listen along to uncover D.J. Aaron's unique journey into tiny living. Click here for a full transcript of this week's episode!

Ayana & Aaron discuss:

  • Aaron's journey from NYC to buslife

  • Cost of getting on the road

  • The benefits of a rig in progress

  • Seasonal work and how to find opportunities

  • How Aaron got started as a D.J.

  • at nomadic events

  • The balance of seasonal work and playing events

  • Advice for those looking to get on the road

Follow D.J. Aaron on Instagram: @Driftalongdjaaron

Click here to listen to Aaron's weekly Spotify Playlist!

Aaron's recommended seasonal work resources:

Check out D.J. Aaron's SoundCloud:

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