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How to Vanlife on the East Coast: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Brandon and Sarah live in their DIY converted 2019 Dodge Ram Promaster van and are big advocates for exploring the east coast of the United States by van. They chat with Laurén about how they got into vanlife, what they love about the east coast, what it’s like living in a van with two full size dogs, and more.

“That’s what we like...we like getting up and going to the next spot, going to this spot, going to see that”

What Sarah, Brandon, and Laurén Chat About:

  • Their journey to vanlife

  • Favorite spots on the east coast and future travel plans

  • Building out their tiny home on wheels

  • Advice for parking on the east coast

  • Geo-tagging and protecting natural spaces

  • Living in a van as a couple

  • Living in a van with two full size dogs

“I feel like we’ve been better than ever, even than from the house” - Sarah “Yeah I feel like we’ve grown closer emotionally, I mean, we’ve gotten engaged while being in the van so something is going right.” -Brandon

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