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Insights to Vanlife - Emily's Transition to Life on the Road

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Emily has been on the road full time for two years but has been aching for this lifestyle since she was a teenager. Chris and Emily discuss the realities of vanlife, what it’s like living on the road full time, how vanlife has helped her mental health, and finding a community of like-minded nomads.

Photo by: Foll Exposures

“I’m usually with at least a couple other people. That’s one of those things that does help me to feel safer, even if I’m parked a distance away so that I can still have my space. Still just having someone that I trust close by is a complete game changer for me.”

What Chris and Emily Chat About:

  • Why she got on the road

  • Life before vanlife

  • Evolution of her van builds

  • Mental health and vanlife

  • Realities of vanlife

  • Safety as a solo female traveler

  • Community and friendship on the road

Photo by: Foll Exposures

“I think the most difficult part for me, was the kind of mental Tetris that you have to play to figure out, where in this teeny tiny space everything is going to go, and what is going to best utilize the space”

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