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Chris Chats With Mikkel of The Expat Money Show

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Today's episode is from an interview for The Expat Money Show with Chris of Tiny Home Tours. Expat Money Show host Mikkel Thorup talks shop with Chris about his decision to jump into nomad and tiny living and how Chris is able to make money while on the road.

What Mikkel and Chris Chat About:

  • We’ll hear Chris’s ‘origin story’. How Chris began his life living in vehicles on the road.

  • Mikkel asks Chris why he went the skoolie route after his time in his Class A RV.

  • Chris talks to Mikkel about how he started his YouTube channel and the birth of his business.

  • A bit of Chris’s experience working in Alaska!

  • Chris talks about a period when he had an extreme hatred of money in his early 20s.

  • Mikkel shares his philosophy on what “home” is.

  • Is saying goodbye to the folks Chris meets on the road really a goodbye?

  • Chris talks about the shift to remote work life.

  • Mikkel asks for any advice Chris has for someone wanting to hit the road.

  • Did Chris’s family understand his decision to live tiny on the road?

  • Chris’s shift in the business to what he’s looking toward now.

“Once I got that first taste, just a little bit of it, I knew I was willing to do whatever it took to make the lifestyle happen.”

“I just hope that people that want to break out, those that see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, that they’re actually able to take that leap”

Follow along with Mikkel on his instagram & YouTube account below!


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