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Facing Your Fears on the Road

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Brian Butler shares stories from the road and his best advice for nomads.

“What are you going to live in?... Any single thing that you have is gonna work. That’s the number one thing I learned right there. Doesn’t matter what you’re in, you’ll find it and you’ll adapt to it, and you’ll live inside of that thing, and eventually, there will be a calling to move on from that thing.”

What Brian and Chris Chat About:

  • Brian’s number one piece of advice

  • Fears about doing this

  • Navigating breakups on the road

  • Making new friends in your thirties, opening yourself to opportunities

  • Overcoming fear professionally

  • Mechanical failures on the road

  • Saving money in an emergency fund

  • Meeting yourself

  • The hero’s journey

“I had no belief in myself, and you had belief in me. That is what you will find on the freaking road. You will find people who see you when you don’t see yourself…”

Check out some of Brian's rigs

Follow along with Brian-

Instagram- @brian_bear_butler

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