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Family of Six Living Tiny and Loving It

Katrina and Kyle Christianson and their four children live in a tiny home they have named True North Tiny. They sold their big house and paid off student loans with the proceeds, but housing expenses in Denver were out of this world, so they rented for a while and then made the decision to bring their family closer together by designing and purchasing a tiny home.

Katrina and Kyle designed their tiny home around their core family values, in particular, homeschooling their kids and eating their meals together. The dining room table is the heart of their home. Fold-away butcher block countertops cut in half for space saving make this a family-centered area where they can all gather. The huge window above the table was a must-have for Katrina and makes this room even more homey.

Family Values Can Shape Tiny Living Design

The kitchen in this tiny home boasts a huge sink that has a drop in cutting board and sink strainer, the sink doubles as a bathtub for the toddler of the family. Living tiny with a family is all about multi-purposing! The kitchen countertops go on for miles and miles making meal prep a breeze. The full-size dishwasher was something even the kids insisted upon and the refrigerator with two freezers makes shopping for a huge family easy.

The cute bathroom in this tiny home has Ikea fixtures and a full-size washer and dryer, essential for keeping up with laundry for a family of six.

Small Spaces Bring Families Together

Katrina and Kyle make great use of the small amount of space dedicated to their living room. They have built-in snake cubbies and couches with storage that converts into a queen size bed, if needed.

The master loft has a simple Ikea bed frame with a wool mattress and the kids lofts are accessed through an opening in the wall of the master. A cool catwalk with a rainbow wall connects the lofts and gives access to one of Dad’s must-haves, a huge skylight with roof access.

Downsizing Things can Upsize Satisfaction

All in all, they are over-the-moon thrilled with their move into tiny living. The kids are better about playing outside and enjoying the things that they have, the family has become closer, and they are spending less but getting more enjoyment out of their lives!

Check out their amazing tiny home with this full tour

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