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Family Vanlife: Fewer Possessions = More Luxury

Photo by @transonwheels

Tien and her husband, Do, live in a 136” wheelbase ProMaster high roof they spent nine months converting themselves and named Vanilla. They were getting ready to put a down payment on a house:

“We weren’t ready to make that commitment yet, so then instead of purchasing the house, we purchased the van and just us two, working during the day and at night we both work on the van! Right now we are done with our tiny home on wheels!”

They did such a great job, this DIY camper van has so many cool features!

Light and Bright Styling Makes Tiny Spaces Feel Airy

Tien’s tiny home is immaculate and open, with lots of bright white cabinets and dark wood highlights, as well as plenty of counter space in the kitchen for cooking. She added a farmhouse-style faucet that can reach outside for au-natural showers and makes watering her multiple plants a breeze! A microwave was a must-have in the kitchen for Tien. She was even willing to give up precious storage space for it.

The first thing seen upon entering the van is a full-length mirror that she uses to prepare for her job as a wedding photographer. She has to look good, so this was a can’t-live-without for her. Next to the mirror is the small wet bath tucked away behind a cool sliding barn door.

Photo by @transonwheels

The front seats swivel towards the living space allowing Tien and Do to raise their drop-leaf table for use in whatever capacity they need, as a space for working or eating or just extra countertop prep space.

Check out their Tiny Home Tour:

Convertible Spaces

The bedroom/living room is convertible but is mostly left as dinette benches, as the area feels more spacious this way. Lots of upper cabinet storage and added windows and lighting further open up the space. Tons of LED puck lighting run both under the counters and down the center of the ceiling.

Their 30-gallon fresh water tank is stored under the dinette bench seat. The passenger side bench seat houses the electrical systems. They have 300 ah lithium batteries from Renogy with 480 watts of solar power. A Maxx air fan that is always on gives the van ventilation and cools it down in the summer.

Great Ideas Come Can Come From Others

The idea for one of Tien’s favorite items came from Divine on the Road - a giant pull-out table in the back of the van!

In conclusion, Tien and Do are happy with their build and their goal moving forward is to visit all the lower 48 states' national parks in the USA and some in Canada. Vanlife will continue until they achieve that goal and likely go on after that!

Since touring with us, Tien and Do have welcomed a new member into their family and purchased a new camper van. Head to their Instagram page to follow along with their new build and check out their travels.

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