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Free Spirited Artist Travels in DIY School Bus Conversion

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Anne Sperry and her dog Oliver spend their days traveling and experiencing the tiny life in their amazing DIY renovated skoolie Anne calls, Poet’s Journey. She and Oliver wander from place to place as she sees fit, letting the people she meets and her free spirit guide her!

Anne’s bus is a beautiful example of what an artist can do when converting a school bus. Copper accents on white adorn her ceiling and upper shelving along both sides display art that celebrates the femininity of women, as well as plants and other trinkets that make her skoolie feel like home.

Relationships Make Road Travel Worth It

Anne’s living area is designed to accommodate six people comfortably on two couches that pull out to twin beds and even have storage underneath. She can set up a table in the middle and loves to host crafting and art parties, as well as having communal meals with people she meets while on the road. Lots of windows make this area light and airy and a comfortable place for people to unwind and get to know each other.

Anne’s journey began when she got divorced in 2008 and started downsizing. Her kids left the nest and she learned that she loves to travel and wake up in new places every day! After losing her job due to COVID-19 layoffs, she decided it was the perfect time to begin her life on the road.

Style Doesn’t have to Come at High Cost

Her cute kitchen cabinets and sink were repurposed from Habitat for Humanity and Facebook Marketplace. She designed one of her countertops to look like copper with beautiful teal patina.

Anne’s bathroom has an intricate mosaic tilework pattern she did herself that gives it a high-end spa vibe. Making the bathroom even more beautiful is a cool painting of Zinnias that she painted with fingernail polish.

The bedroom area is light and airy with a queen-sized air mattress and under-bed storage for her 100-gallon water tank with room for air circulation.

“I just sort of take one day at a time, I don’t plan too much in advance! I just kinda go with the flow! I’ll meet someone who tells me about this place, then the next day I’ll meet somebody else that tells me about this place, and I’m just sort of following the universe!”

Anne loves her life of freedom and has no plans to change anything at all.

Watch the full tour:

Instagram for her poems and artwork: @poetansperry

On Etsy she is: An Sperry Studio

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