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From Divorce to Her Dream Tiny Home in 3 Months!

Luwan loves the life she is living with her three dogs in her 400-square-foot, 34-foot long, self-designed, professionally built, tiny home on wheels! Living tiny came about when she found herself in the middle of a divorce with the need to reinvent herself totally. She researched builders and partnered with Indigo River Tiny Homes because they offered her the most input into the design. Now she and her dogs live an intentional life of gratitude and couldn’t be happier!

Planning Ahead Makes Builds Go Smoothly

After deciding to go tiny, Luwan had to do some serious downsizing, she cut back her possessions by about 75%. During planning, she researched places to park, financing (can get an RV loan, but not a conventional mortgage loan), insurance, and other important home-buying responsibilities!

Functionality is a Must for Tinies

In her living room, Luwan has a regular couch, a movable coffee table, and a computer space that doubles as her entertainment center, as she has no television. She and the dogs hike a lot, so she keeps harnesses/leashes on the wall at the ready.

Luwan’s gorgeous kitchen has L-shaped countertops with bench seating under one side, as well as pop-up table space for working or eating while gazing out the large kitchen window. Her farmhouse sink, two burner stove with oven, freezer/fridge, and nice pantry are black on black. Running along the kitchen ceiling is a catwalk that she has turned into her ‘dog shrine’ with pics and paintings of all of her present and previous dogs.

Another area that she love, love, loves is her bathroom! The shower has french doors that expand the space and make it roomier. She also has a washer/dryer combo unit and extra storage next to it for sporting goods and tools. A cabinet above Luwan’s toilet is storage for bathroom items, and she even has a bidet to cut down on paper usage, as well as a Dyson hand dryer.

Incorporating Items You Love Makes Tiny Living More Comfortable

Luwan’s tiny home has two loft spaces. The master has tons of storage space, a high bed with a step built right in for Luwan to climb into bed, and a small area at the foot of the bed with a pop-up desk and seating area. The second loft is above the living room and has a chaise lounge and two Japanese meditation chairs she uses to read, get away from the dogs, or just relax and meditate. The chaise doubles as a bed for any guests that want to stay.

Overall, Luwan couldn’t be happier with how her tiny home turned out. It has all the options she wanted, and she was able to self-design a lot of the spaces. She looks forward to being able to move her tiny in the future to a permanent piece of land of her choosing with beautiful vistas.

Watch her full Tiny Home Tour here:

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