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Full-Time Boat Life with Kids

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Ally sits down with boat lifers Sam and Aaron to discuss what it is like living on a sailboat and traveling with their three children. From buying a boat with no prior knowledge and learning how to sail to living it up in the Caribbean- they share their favorite aspects of the lifestyle.

“We didn’t know how to sail, so that was challenge number one.”

What Sam, Aaron, and Ally Chat About:

  • How they moved from Boston to living on a sailboat

  • Learning how to sail

  • Buying a boat with no prior knowledge about boats

  • Going through their first major storm while living on a boat

  • How their children have adjusted to the lifestyle

  • Meeting other kids

  • The community you make at anchorage; buddy boating

  • How to find places to anchor the boat

  • Being on anchor versus being parked at the dock

  • Getting water on the boat through a water maker

  • Managing a composting toilet on a boat

  • Teaching while traveling

  • Making money while boating through the Caribbean

  • Internet and cell service

  • Doctors, medical needs, and health insurance

  • Creating alone time when you live in a small space with kids

To follow along with Sam, Aaron, and the kids check them out here:


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