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Full-time RVing for Digital Nomad and her Dog

Mandy and her dog, Opal, had been living in their RV for three years when their tour was filmed for Tiny Home Tours. Her tiny living journey began when she was working remotely and traveling often. Mandy lived out of a suitcase before getting the RV. She decided that camper life would allow her to bring Opal, give her a home base and stability, and still allow her to work and travel.

Mandy’s gorgeous renovated RV has a kitchen with a small countertop for prepping, a 40-gallon fresh water tank, a small sink (her least favorite part of the RV), and a stove and water heater that run on propane. Her fridge is decorated with faux tin panels to blend into the RV design and runs off propane, the battery, or shore power.

Maximizing Storage Is Imperative in Tiny Living

There are tons of cabinets throughout for storing everything from food to paper goods to dedicated shoe storage. Mandy renovated the former bench seating into a one-bench dinette area to make more room for Opal to live the good life too. Opal has a bed between the front cab seats, her own dining area, and run of the place.

Sentimental Items Make a Tiny Space Homey

Across from the dinette is the living area with a futon that converts to a guest bed. Mandy also enjoys working from this space or lounging for movie nights. The walls display her grandmother’s artwork, giving her a little piece of home and family that she can enjoy daily. The living area also boasts large closets for hanging clothes and personal items.

Her lofted-over-cab bed is a comfy space with tons of blankets, an extra memory foam topper, and clean, crisp white bed sheets. To make it darker for sleeping, Mandy covered the large front window in the sleeping space, but windows on both ends bring in plenty of light.

Beautiful, Functional Bathroom Spaces Increase Comfort on the Road

Mandy’s gorgeous bathroom has a custom wood countertop with a top-mounted sink, RV toilet, full-sized shower with a skylight, and tons of under-cabinet storage. It’s a dream bathroom for an RV!

Outside the RV, Mandy has a large awning for hanging out with friends or just enjoying the shade on a warm day. She also has tons of outside storage for gear, including space for her bike. Mandy intentionally left the back of her camper undecorated so that she could use it as a projector screen for outside movie nights. On her door, she has a cool sticker collage of all the stickers her friends with vans have given her and a map of places she and Opal have visited.

Overall, Mandy loves living and traveling in her camper with Opal. They can travel at will and still live comfortably while working remotely.

To see Mandy’s full tour:

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