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✨ Get to know your host Ayana!

In today's episode...

Ally Shea, COO of Tiny Home Tours, sits down with Ayana Otteman, one of the newest editions to the team. Ayana will be producing and hosting various episodes of the podcast throughout season three!

Ayana and her husband Andy have been on the road for almost three years traveling full time in their self-converted Skoolie! Listen along and dive deeper into Ayana's story--how she got on the road, some of the challenges she has faced, and how her and her husband have made nomadic life sustainable.

Ally & Ayana Discuss:

  • Ayana’s initial reaction to vanlife

  • Building a bus in the infancy of a romantic relationship

  • Various challenges & rewards of being on the road

  • Making ends meet while living on the road for almost three years

  • What life on the road has taught Ayana in only three words

To follow along with Ayana's journey check out her Instagram @letsliveeverywhere, and peep her handcrafted jewelry @thesweetbeaboutique. To learn more about her husband's cookbook and business visit or follow on Instagram. Click below to watch the tour of their Skoolie:

Click below to watch their episode of Roaming Creatives:

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