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Benefits to Hiring a Camper Van Conversion Company

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Laurén and Chris sit down and discuss how to hire a professional builder for your camper van. Laurén shares her experience using a camper van conversion company, what to expect, the pros and cons of having a professional build, and advice for aspiring vanlifers.

“It was really important to me that I had a payment that was sustainable for my income level and that I was going to get myself completely underwater.”

What Laurén and Chris Chat About:

  • How to find a van builder

  • Advice for people using a van builder

  • What to ask your builder

  • Financing a professional build, negotiating the price

  • Deciding to buy a new vehicle

  • Solo female vanlife safety

  • Build quality

  • Benefits of a professional build

“I’ve been bumping down dirt roads for two years…and everything still looks great, everything has held up.”

Her van builder's Instagram:

Van builder website:


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