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From Honda Element to Mini-Skoolie: Brian’s Nomadic Journey

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Chris sits down and chats with our lead videographer and Zeppelin pilot, Brian Bear Butler to discuss life on the road. He shares his rig evolution from camper van, Honda Element, to mini-skoolie, finding work on the road, how he has grown, and more.

“I didn’t know how monumental it was until I made the friends that I made…a lot of it wasn’t about the car, it where the car took me, and who the car helped me meet.”

What Brian and Chris Chat About:

  • How Brian got on the road

  • Why he wanted to live this lifestyle

  • Transitioning into living on the road

  • Slow travel vs. fast travel

  • Why he converted a Honda Element

  • Lessons learned in his Honda Element build

  • How Jessy (@a.girl.and.her.commander) led Brian to get a job at Tiny Home Tours

  • How to get work on the road

  • Finding balance between work and play

  • Grappling with fear on the road, overcoming it

“Find that inner lion in you, it’s there, I promise. What I usually like to tell people…just do your best, boom! It’s all you gotta do, just show up, do your best, be a nice person, and you’ll have a job forever.”

See Brian's Mini School Bus below:

And Brian's Honda Element:

Follow along or connect with Brian below:

See more of Brian’s experience and meet the other Zeppelin Travels pilots here:


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