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How To Design Your Tiny Home: Top 5 Tips from Interior Designer Sarah Bronstein

In today's episode...

Join Ally as she sits down with Sarah Bronstein, the creative force behind Sukkha Interior Design. Discover Sarah's remarkable journey from a New York studio apartment to fully embracing tiny living in her refurbished vintage trailer. Dive into Sarah's expertise as she shares the nuances of tiny home design, offering invaluable insights and unveiling her top 5 tips to kickstart your design journey. Tune in and learn how to begin crafting the perfect tiny living space.

Ally & Sarah discuss:

  • How Sarah went from studio apartment to vintage trailer

  • DIY vs. hiring pros--benefits and drawbacks for both

  • Top 5 tips when beginning your tiny home design

  • Some of the challenges that come with tiny living and how to overcome them daily

  • The many unknowns when purchasing a used RV, finding a place to park, etc.

  • Recommendations for pre-purchase inspections on DIY or professionally renovated or built rigs.

To follow Sarah's journey check out her Instagram @sukkhainteriordesign, or visit her website at And, be sure to listen to her podcast, Nomadic Spaces.

Click below to tour Sarah's renovated trailer:

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