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How to Design Your Tiny House

What’s in Today’s Episode:

Sydne Goldstein is a Texas-based interior designer and tiny home dweller. In today’s episode, Sydne and Allison dive into all things tiny house design!

“If I had to do it over again, I would probably go for a full-size dishwasher because that is my least favorite chore in the world…as much as I love cooking, I hate cleaning the dishes. Sometimes cooking will be decided upon by if I feel like doing the dishes.”

What Sydne and Allison Chat About:

  • Why Sydne chose to have a tiny house custom built and why she went tiny in the first place

  • What she likes about tiny space design versus regular house design

  • Dealing with the wheel wells while building your tiny house on a trailer

  • Building her living room around the couch she already had and loved

  • Deciding what to priority on and what to make smaller

  • Construction challenges to ensure the house could still travel

  • The biggest sacrifices she made in her tiny house design

  • Creating privacy while living in a tiny home community

  • Going with a standing loft bedroom

  • How she found design and layout inspiration

  • Mistakes that she made in her tiny house

  • Advice for people considering designing their own tiny house

“I spent a full month, every spare second that I wasn’t working was looking up tiny house things…and I bought a book that was about tiny house decisions and…I would weigh all of those decisions. Definitely do your research and it’ll make living in it, you’ll just feel so much more prepared.”

Watch Sydne's full Tiny Home Tour here:

Follow or reach out to Sydne via her Instagram:

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